Creeping phlox has probably caught your eye all around town. It is that carpet of flowers that seem to spill across spots on lawns or over rock walls. It is usually planted in large masses, making a big splash that literally turns heads. Creeping phlox comes in pastel shades of pink and lavender and well as a bolder hot pinks and clear white. The flowers do not last terribly long, but they put on quite a show when they arrive.

Creeping phlox can handle poor growing conditions, provided it gets plenty of water. Richer soil will produce lusher plants. Whatever your soil quality, creeping phlox will need extra water during the summer, or it will easily get scorched.

This plant needs full sun to partial shade. Creeping phlox flowers better in full sun, but the leaves stay fresher with a little afternoon shade. Mature size is 6” tall and 12-24” wide. Zone 3-9.

Companion Plants: Snow in the Summer; Lungword; Foamflower; Pansies; Ajuga