This Week at Bauer’s Market | October 22, 2018

Plant Spring Color NOW! 
Enjoying early spring color is as easy as planting bulbs this fall.  Dig, drop, done… it’s that simple!  Make it even easier on yourself and use an auger attached to your drill and you won’t even have to bend or shovel a thing!  Spring blooming bulbs require a period of cold-temperature dormancy to stimulate root growth, so the best time to tuck them into the ground is when temperatures hover between 40°F to 50°F.  It’s easy to do and so rewarding when the snow melts {or is still on the ground, think crocus!} and those gorgeous blooms begin to poke through.  Consider planting a drift of color along a path that draws your eye or place bulbs in groupings to provide a focal point within your gardens.  Don’t have sun-filled gardens?  Click here to see how you can create stunning patio pots filled with spring blooming bulbs.  We have hyacinth, specialty bulbs, daffodils, dozens of varieties of tulips, and bags of mixed bulbs.
**Show clerk (via phone or print this post) this blog post for Buy 2, Get 1 FREE**  This is an unadvertised special and applies to in-stock varieties only.

Apples, Apples, Apples 🍎🍎🍎
With more than 25 varieties currently available, we’re at peak apple season right now!  Stop in and taste the season with free samples, you might just find a new favorite.  If you like HoneyCrisp, try the Pazazz or Jonastar.  The weather has sure been showing us lately that fall is here… why not take advantage of the cozy feeling the weather is prompting and bake some apple crisp?  Haralson and Regent apples will hold their shape which are perfect to throw into the crockpot with pork chops or roast with some veggies in the oven. Try Cortland, Mc Intosh, or Honey Gold for your baking items such as apple crisp. Better yet, use 3 varieties while baking to give your desserts a depth of flavor!  Take a look under our Apple tab on the website for new apple recipes.  We post a new apple recipe every week during apple season so check back often!  A complete list of apple varieties currently available can be found here.  

Bauer’s Market is Your Pumpkin Headquarters!
From indoor decorating to baking, creating a welcoming entryway to carving jack o’ lanterns, Bauer’s has pumpkins for every occasion! When decorating, indoors or out, don’t forget to add squash like Turks, Buttercup, or Hubbard as these give your arrangements another element of unique interest.  Don’t forget to grab your gourds too. From orange to green, white to yellow, gourds come in many shapes, colors and sizes. Or grab some cute mini pumpkins (orange, white or even marble) – there is so much to add to create a great fall arrangement.

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Taste the Fall Season…
Fall means more than apples and pumpkins. Stop in and pick up some fresh, locally grown fall squash or cranberries and enjoy something special for dinner tonight! Squash is also an easy thing to freeze so you can savor the fresh flavor all winter and during the next growing season.  Bauer’s has plenty of other items only found at this time of year too… Scrumptious apple fritter bread (baked daily) that makes the best French toast, Minnesota made soups, fresh pressed apple cider, and so much more. And don’t forget your caramel apples!  

Create a Welcoming Entryway…
It’s not too late to bring some color to your patio or entryway with pumpkins, gourds, and timeless mums {it’s not Christmas yet folks}!  You may even want to include corn stalks and a straw bale or two if you have a large area to decorate.  In addition to mums, we have an array of fall blooming plants like ornamental cabbage {their colors really shine once it gets cold}, millet, flowering kale, ornamental peppers, and more.  Stop in and check out our gigantic hardy mums.  They’re more than 3 feet across and come in multiple colors!  We also have a few tri-colored mums remaining which are pretty spectacular.  Enter here for your chance to WIN a FREE mum!

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