Decorating the tree with the whole family is one of the most adored traditions of the holiday season. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until the tree is up and its fragrance has infiltrated every corner of the house with it’s pine scent. For most, Christmas trees are the centerpiece of the holiday season, brightening our living rooms for several weeks or more. That’s why choosing the perfect tree – and making it last – is essential.

Picking a Christmas Tree

The most popular trees to grace our homes during the holiday season are firs and pines, but among these tree families are many more individual species. Picking one that works for you and your family is key, so here’s our take on the most popular choices:

scotch and white pine trees


Balsam Firs are deep green in color and very fragrant. You’ll be greeted with the smell of Christmas every time you walk through your door. They also have an attractive shape and full branches, perfect for hanging ornaments on.

Fraser Firs have incredibly attractive, bicolor needles. They’re green on top, with silver hues underneath, making them ornamental even before you decorate them! You can’t beat their pleasant, piney scent.

Douglas Firs are one of the most popular choices, keeping their dark green or blue-green needles vibrant for a long time. These dependable trees have the perfect pyramidal shape for a Christmas tree.

assorted fir trees from douglas to fraser to balsam firs


Scotch Pines provide a bushier look with their long pine needles and brighten any home with their brilliant green color. They are also very hardy with sturdy branches, making them great for holding heavy baubles.

White Pines are another popular choice. These pines’ blue-green needles are famous for staying on long after the tree is cut. White pines have flexible needles best suited for lightweight ornaments and string lights.

Making Your Christmas Tree Last

For those of us who are devoted to having real Christmas trees, keeping them in good shape can be a bit tricky indoors with hot, dry conditions. There’s nothing worse than bringing home a healthy tree, only to have it dry out before Christmas rolls around. Luckily, you can make your tree last all season long with just a few simple tips!

closeup of christmas tree decorated with snowman ornament, pinecones silver balls and lights

The first step to a long-lasting tree is to choose a healthy one. Make sure it isn’t already dried out and don’t be afraid to give it a good shake. If the needles fall off easily, it’s best to look at other choices.

Once you find a healthy tree, you’ll want to keep it looking that way. Spray the tree with Wilt Stop to help prolong freshness. Wilt Stop is an all-natural, non-toxic product made from pine resins that slows the drying out process.

Unless you cut your tree down yourself, chances are it may have been sitting on a lot for a little while. If so, its vascular system is likely closed off. Cutting a layer off the bottom of the tree trunk will expose it again, making water uptake much easier.

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Speaking of water, your tree will need a lot of it for the first few days. Keep an eye on the stand and refill water as needed. Once it gets rehydrated, it won’t be as demanding. A well-hydrated tree is important, not only for looks, but also to prevent an accidental fire!

Caring for a real Christmas tree is a little more work than putting up an artificial one but so worth it.  Nothing beats the sights and scents of a real evergreen during Christmas! With a few tips and tricks, you can put your real tree up early and easily, with confidence that it will last throughout the holidays. Stop by and grab your farm-fresh tree today!

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