Valentine’s Day is THIS WEEK!  Bauer’s Can Help You Get Ready…
We’ve chosen some stunning arrangements for your special someone this Valentine’s!  Start the night off right with an eye-grabbing bouquet filled with lilies, a simple arrangement, or a timeless array of roses.  Or surprise your sweetheart and have something delivered during the day to work or home, Bauer’s offers delivery to many local areas.  Get ready to WOW your Valentine with a beautiful Bauer’s bouquet this year!  View all bouquets and arrangements on our website.  Delivery and online ordering are both available!  
Apples, Apples, Apples 🍎 

Bauer’s has a wide selection of fresh, local apples available yet.  Check out our current availability here.  We also have citrus, locally pressed apple cider (and spices if you want it warm), and other fruits.  During apple season, we share a new apple recipe with you every Wednesday, you can check it out here if you’re interested in adding some tasty new recipes to your repertoire.

Did you know…
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In the Blog This Week!
On way to think about repotting…. Parenting your plants can be similar to parenting your kids in some ways.  They both need water, food, light, and they both experience growth spurts!  Just like shoes can become too snug on your little one’s toes, pots can become too cramped for your plant’s roots.  At least with kids, we can hear them complain about their tight shoes or too-short pants.  With plants, their indications are much more subtle.  Luckily, there are a few tell-tale signs that your plants need a pot upgrade.  Read more and check out last week’s blog-Houseplant Repotting 101.
multiple plants in pots

Spring Planning Continues!
Currently, we’re working on our spring workshop and seminar events.  Please shoot us an email and let us know what workshops you’d like to see and any seminar topics we should cover this spring!  Email us here.  We’re also busy finding new annuals, perennials, and other fun gardening items for you to enjoy in 2019!  Visit the schedule on our website calendar.