February is National Birding Month!
Winter weather is still in full force {after another 5″ of snow yesterday and more on the way tomorrow!} and we want to keep our feathered friends happy!  Birds really get a boost from some human help during these cold winter months if we keep our feeders full.  A tip- stamp down the snow below feeders; that way, ground-feeding birds will be able to gather up the seed that drop from the feeders!  Celebrate National Birding Month and buy yourself a new birdfeeder.  Birdfeeders are 20% off for the month of February at Bauer’s!

Houseplant Highlight
Take a look at the easy Ivy for a great houseplant!  Whether you grow ivy up as a vine, trailing from a basket, or horizontally on a mantle or tabletop, it filters harmful chemicals released by everyday products. Dark green varieties add contrast to bright spots; those variegated with white or gold lighten dim areas.  

🍎 Apples, Apples, Apples 🍎 
Bauer’s has a wide selection of fresh, local apples available yet.  Select varieties are Buy 1 bag, Get 1 FREE.  Check out our current availability here.  Some varieties are getting toward the end of the season, our availability page will let you know which varieties you should stock up on before they’re gone!  We also have citrus, locally pressed apple cider (and spices if you want it warm), and other fruits.  During apple season, we share a new apple recipe with you every Wednesday, you can check it out here if you’re interested in adding some tasty new recipes to your repertoire.  
Did you know…
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In the Blog This Week!
A new blog will be up this week!  It’s the time of year to begin thinking about your gardens…. planning, accessing, dreaming.  Take a look at this week’s blog about seed starting.  Read “Seed Basics” and check out all the other Bauer’s blogs here-Bauer’s Blog.
multiple plants in pots

Spring Planning Continues!
Currently, we’re working on our spring workshop and seminar events.  Please shoot us an email and let us know what workshops you’d like to see and any seminar topics we should cover this spring!  Email us here.  We’re also busy finding new annuals, perennials, and other fun gardening items for you to enjoy in 2019!  Visit the schedule on our website calendar.