A stunning choice for the Perennial Plant Association’s Plant f the Year 2019!  The PPA states, “As trouble-free and dependable as it is eye-catching”, and we completely agree.  A wealth of rose-lavender spikes throughout summer are particularly fabulous in massed plantings.

Hummel means bumblebee in German – appropriate for this pollinator magnet – as well as honoring the town of Hummelo, Netherlands.  Perennial Stachys performs like a Salvia and is deer resistant.

Stachys officinalis are valued for their attractive, crinkled foliage and long display of prolific flowering spikes held well above the basal mound.  Needs good drainage.  Avoid overhear irrigation.

Deadhead to keep plants attractive and to keep from going to seed which declines the foliage.  Do not prune for winter but clean up foliage the following spring.  Can be divided every 4-5 years in spring by removing rooted sections and transplanting.  Stachys officinalis benefit from partial shade in hot climates.

Companion Plants: Blanket Flower, Lavender, Coneflower, Poppy