This is the white old-fashioned Bleeding Heart.  Hummingbirds flock to its blooms!  You’ll wish you had a much bigger bed of plants when you see the spring display this little perennial delivers. 

The blooms emerge before the leaves do, which really helps them stand out.  Reminiscent of white blooms in their puffed-out appearance and tropically bright colors, they are profuse and surprisingly long-lasting.  Held in almost a hortizontal “clothesline” along slender stems, they are graceful with how the blooms arise on the leafless stems. 

These perennials do best in shady parts of the garden and will brighten any border or bed with their delicate blooms.  Also use them in a container or basket on your porch or deck to show off their bell-like flowers.  You can even cut a few branches for the house and perk up any room indoors!  Leave the rest to light up your spring perennial borders out in the landscape.  Zone 3-9 

Companion Plants: Hosta; Fern; Astilbe; Brunnera; Heuchera