A sure showstopper, ‘Scarlet Heaven’ is captivatingly beautiful and amazingly hardy.  This is a rare red Itoh Peony featuring enormous flower size, color, and form!  Sought after by collectors, it’s easy to grow and resistant to disease and cold temperatures. 

Blooming in late spring, ‘Scarlet Heaven’ produces striking huge single blooms with deep scarlet petals surrounding golden yellow anthers.  The pink then scarlet blooms emerge around the yellow centers creating a obvious contrast of the bold colors and distinct elements of the bloom in it’s entirety. 

Itoh Peonies are considered Intersectional Peonies, a newer class created by crossing herbaceous peonies with tree peonies.  Doing so highlights the best qualities of both, including: huge blossoms in unique colors; fantastic foliage; strong stems; longer bloom time; extreme winter hardiness with increased vigor.  Best in a sunny location, ‘Scarlet Heaven’ grows slowly but reaches almost 3 feet in height.  Thriving in sandy soil with at least average moisture, an Itoh Peony is a constant performer!