These plants explode with very large frilly flowers just as summer begins.  Bee Balm comes in a variety of colors including, this stunning blue {Blue Stocking} and Bubblegum Blast; red Monarda will be restocked next week with Pardon Me Cerise and Cherry Pops.  Pollinators love these colorful, large blooms! 

Monarda is very attractive to bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.  With both fragrant foliage and colorful flowers, Bee Balm is ideal for making potpourri or herbal wreaths.  Erect stems support uniquely shaped flowers.  All varieties have a good to excellent mildew resistance.  When crushed, the foliage will release a spicy fragrance and the leaves can be used to make tasty teas.

They are a carefree strong grower, preferring a well-drained soil.  Easy to grow; divide in either spring or fall every 3-4 years.  Thinning stems out to increase air circulation will help prevent mildew, as will keeping plants watered during dry spells.  Foliage can be cut back after flowering to encourage fresh new leaves and possible late fall rebloom.

Companion plants: Yarrow; Russian sage