Looking for garden mums?  Stop by during the next few days as this is our last stock available.  Our 8″ size is almost gone but we do have many larger sizes along with mum hanging baskets, and multiple styles of combo pots.  We also have a nice selection of other fall plants like millet, celosia, flowering cabbage, and more.  

New apple varieties arrived: Lura Red, Haralson, & Jonamac.  Additional varieties available are: Honey Crisp, River Belle, SweeTango, Blondie, La Crescent, Sweet Sixteen, Golden Supreme, Gala, Fuji, Wealthy, Mc Intosh, Red Cortland, & Prime Red Jonathan.  Looking for another variety?  Check out our listing of all varieties we carry throughout the season here.  Check our Available Now tab to see the apple varieties available daily.  Don’t forget to grab yourself (or treat someone else to) a caramel apple while you’re here…..after all, they’re only available a few months out of the year!

Pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks, Indian corn, pampas grass, straw bales……Bauer’s Market  & Garden Center has it all!  Decorate your front entry or your patio for the fall season.  Or get a jump start on Halloween decorating with a ghost, scarecrow, or other ghoul.  We also have great pumpkin decorating items such as paint or sticker kits, glow-in-the-dark fangs and teeth, push-in pumpkin faces, and other decorating kits.

Want some easy spring color in your gardens?  Bauer’s has a nice selection of tulip bulbs in an array of styles.  We also carry Allium (my favorite!), hyacinth, and daffodil bulbs.  Even though the temps are warm now, the weather will turn cool yet before the weekend… the next few weeks are when you’ll need to get your bulbs in the ground.  Interested in a bulb garden on your patio?  Plant an assortment of bulbs in your patio pots then store them in your unheated garage during the winter.  I’ve done this numerous years with great success.  Just be sure to bring them outside early March.   

This crazy warm weather doesn’t have me turning my oven on much lately but the temps will begin to fall drastically later this week.  I plan to make ahead quite a few side dishes for future meals when time is tight on weekdays…..squash and yams are my top two; I’ll also make a couple potato casserole dishes.  Check out our recipe tab for tasty ideas.

Tillandsia and succulent plants will be arriving later this week.  No green thumb?  Try either one of these; both require little watering or care (but you do still need to occasionally *think weekly* check on them!).  Stop in and check out the premade succulent gardens or build your own.  Tillandsia, or commonly known as Air Plants, are grown without soil and require little watering.  Make up a hanging garden or choose from one of our designs.  We have care sheets available for the tillandsia that give great info on watering, lighting, and more.