Why it’s good February is a short month…
Because gardening season is that much closer!  While it isn’t quite time to start sowing your seeds indoors (but it is coming real soon!), don’t wait too long to pick up the seeds you want.  As the old saying goes, “The early bird gets the worm”.  Do you have a plan yet?  Has what you’ve done before worked well for you?  If so, then now is the time to stop in and choose your seed varieties!  If you’d like to make changes in your garden, we  suggest now is the time to evaluate what has worked for you in the past versus what hasn’t.  Determining your yearly garden plan is a key to success.  A garden plan can be as in depth or loose as you’d like it to be, don’t stress over it!  Maybe you know that you have 6 patio pots and 4 require full sun while 2 are mostly shade – that can be your plan.  Maybe you know that you want to focus more on vegetable planting, or a cut flower garden, or developing your perennial area – that can be your plan.  It’s possible that gardening is your meditation or you’ve been doing it for years and you know exactly what you want, exactly where you want it, and exactly what you need to achieve it – you have a plan.  Maybe you don’t have the first clue and you’re a beginner but you know that this is the year you want to dig (see what I did there?!) in.  Bauer’s is here to help you succeed!  Let us know what you’re looking for and what your goals are and we can help.

Take advantage while you can!
February is National Bird Feeding Month and one way Bauer’s is celebrating is by offering 20% off on all bird feeders currently in stock.  Take a look at this useful handout about birds and their seed to better understand their preferences.  Stop in before the end of the month (you only have a few days left) to take advantage of this discount offer and start feeding our Feathered Friends today!

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Apple Season is not over yet!
So many people are shocked to find out we carry fresh, local, delicious apples though the winter (going into late March many years).  Currently we have 5 varieties available.  Head over to our Apple Recipe page and find yourself a couple new recipes to try!  Did you know that fresh applesauce makes a healthy substitute for oil while cooking?!  

Have You Seen?
During the last few weeks, we’ve been adding great learning opportunities and events to our online calendar.  Have you checked them out yet?  While it’s not required, we do request that you pre-register for our events so we can provide ample seating and available materials.  Registration can be done directly on any event page on the calendar making it easy for you to sign up for one event or six!  Additional events for spring will be added so check back often.

Fresh Floral Bouquets Available…
Do you have a monthly date night with your significant other or just want to show some love?  Bauer’s has beautiful floral bouquets, adding a special touch to anyone’s day!  Shop our Floral section or stop on in today.  Selection and offerings change weekly.