Memorial Day is This Weekend…
Have you lost a loved one this last year?  Bauer’s offers delivery and pick-up service for Cemetery Urns and it would be our privilege to assist you while you recognize your loved one this Memorial Day, and every day.  Read more on our website then give us a call or send an email if you’d like to begin this service or if you have any questions.  Pre-planted Urn Liners are also available in-store if the delivery service isn’t an option for you.  

New this Season!
Bauer’s has started a new feature this spring that we hope you’ll like… a true blog where you can read about a variety of helpful and interesting topics every week! We’ll include the blog link in our e-news and it will also be published on our website. Feel free to email us if you’re looking for information about a topic, we’d be happy to write about it!  Pansies being watered in the garden


Bauer’s Busy Bees!
Have kids or maybe grandkids?  Check out our Bauer’s Busy Bees events, held every Saturday through June 16.  In the last few weeks kids have created their very own greenhouse, plant people, and an earthworm hotel!  This weekend (May 26), they’ll be creating a Memorial Day memory.  Children will be able to choose from red, white, & blue plants to create their own planter.  *Remember, registering your child(ren) and providing pre-payment, reserves supplies for your child.*  Stop in from 8-10am, this is an open house style event.

We’re Hiring for Spring…
Bauer’s is now hiring for our Spring season.  We’re looking for hardworking team players who will be on time, work well with others & follow direction, want to learn, and enjoy people.  Jump over to our Employment page and take a look at the position descriptions.  If you think you’d be a good fit, fill out our applicationWe’re also hiring for a Perennial Manager position, if interested, please send your resume to  Maybe you know someone, feel free to pass along the word.  

Spring Only Means One Thing Around Here…
It’s time to get in the garden!  Now is the time to finish planting your strawberry & asparagus roots, potatoes, and cool season veggies.  At any time, you’ll want to start getting the garden ready and begin planting your warmer season veggies (think tomatoes and peppers) and annuals that like more of these warmer temps that late May finally bring us.  Visit Bauer’s Market for your choice of dozens of varieties of tomatoes (40+) and peppers (from bell to hot-hot), cucumbers, melons, and so many other tasty vegetables!  We also carry plenty of specialty fertilizers for your vegetable garden or your annual plants too.

Pond Plants!
Pond plants arrived last week.  They sell out quickly but we have a nice selection still available.  If you’re looking for something specific or a ‘hot’ plant, stop in soon!  We’re trying to get another load from our Minnesota grower within the next 10 days, we’ll post on our social media and include the info in our weekly newsletter when they arrive.  

Have You Seen…
We’ve been posting some neat combination recipes on Facebook recently.  Have you checked them out yet?  Maybe you’ve even tried a few already this season…. if so, please send us your photos!  Interested in seeing more, just give our Facebook page a “like” and you’ll see when we share more ideas! 

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