Apple Season 2018…
If you missed the announcement – the season is here.  I repeat, THE SEASON IS HERE!
Current availability is First Kiss, Zestar!, Duchess, Red Free, La Crescent, Paula Red, McIntosh, SweeTango, and Honeycrisp.  Yes, you read that right….Honeycrisp season has begun!  If you’re driving a distance or traveling by and looking for apples, call ahead (5078954583) for the day’s varieties.  Within the next few weeks, more varieties of apples will become more readily available!  The First Kiss is a newer apple brought to us by, yet again, the University of Minnesota.  Read here to learn more about the First Kiss apple.  
Fall Mums!
Looking to get your mums and other fall flowers planted? We have both blooming and budding mums in a variety of colors and sizes along with a vast selection of other fall flowers like kale, cabbage, rubeckia, pansies, grasses, neat looking ornamental peppers, and so much more!  Browse our huge selection and freshen up your patio pots now to enjoy into November.  

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Garden Fresh Goodies!
Along with apple season beginning, Bauer’s Market has plenty of fresh, local fruits and veggies!  Stop in and pick up some local raspberries, homegrown zucchini, juicy watermelon, kossak kohlrabi (those giant ones!), sweet corn, and other garden-grown goodies.  Bring home extra and can some for the winter months!  

Fresh Floral Bouquets
Maybe you didn’t plant enough, or any, annuals to get beautiful summer floral bouquets to sprinkle around you home… no fear, Bauer’s has a selection of floral bouquets!  Stop by and grab yours today or pick up a bouquet for your friend or neighbor and surprise them with a thoughtful fresh gift.  If you’re interested in purchasing a bouquet for a friend or family member and you don’t live near, you can always purchase one on our website or give a call 507.895.4583.  This would also work if you want to surprise a loved one at work one day.