If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, does it also keep the vet away too? Here’s how our furry family members can help us to take advantage of the delicious harvest from our backyards:

Apples for Dogs

The most likely candidate for enjoying your apple harvest is your family dog. Many of us are already well aware that most of our dogs will eat almost anything that we put in front of them. But we also know that just because our dogs want to eat something doesn’t always mean that they should – are apples as good for dogs as they are for us?

Delicious Healthy Apples for Dogs

Can my dog eat apples? Yes! Your dog will love to snack on apples just like you do, but keep in mind that they should never eat the seeds, leaves, or stems. Trace amounts of toxins can be found in seeds that can make dogs sick, so simply core apples before giving them to your canine companion.

Are apples healthy for my dog? Apples are great for dogs, giving them a seasonal nutritional boost. They are naturally sweet but don’t contain too much sugar and are stuffed full of good nutrients like calcium, Vitamin C, fiber, and phosphorus. As long as you remove the seeds and avoid choking hazards, your dog will be happy to help put a dent in your apple harvest, all while reaping all the great health benefits too.

Apples and Cats

Apples for Cats

While many of us might laugh at the idea of our carnivorous and picky cats eating apples, there are some felines with more adventurous tastes that simply adore them as a snack. Here’s how your cat might weigh in on the apple issue:

Can my cat eat apples? Some cats might like apples and can eat their flesh in moderation. The seeds, stem, and leaves are more dangerous for cats than most dogs due to their smaller stature though so it is important to remove these parts before offering a bite to your feline friend. Keep in mind that even if your cat loves apples, they should only be offered as a small treat because they can have a hard time digesting the fruit.

Are apples good for my cat? The short answer is no. While a little treat here or there certainly won’t hurt your kitty, the enzymes in apples can cause an upset stomach. Cats are mostly carnivores and fruits aren’t a part of their normal diet. Even if your cat seems to love them, their body isn’t made to digest plant-based food and they should still stick to meat for most of their dietary needs.

Delicious Healthy Apples for Horses

Apples for Horses

Many of us know that if you put an apple in front of a horse, it’s sure to be gobbled down within seconds! A tasty treat they just can’t get enough of and we often eagerly indulge them because it’s a much healthier alternative to their beloved sugar cubes.

Can my horse eat apples? Absolutely. Horses love the juicy and sweet flavor that apples provide. Eating them in large quantities can cause some digestive and even behavioral issues though, so always limit your treats to only one or two at a time. Also, while we famously see horses chomping out their own bites, apples are always best served as slices to our equine friends. These smaller bits will prevent both choking and overindulgence.

Are apples good for my horse? Are they ever! They are packed with nutritional benefits like potassium, fiber, phosphorus, and calcium, as well as vitamins and antioxidants that are excellent additions for your horse’s diet. It’s still important to note though, that despite their nutritional value, apples should still only be enjoyed in moderation to promote a balanced diet.

Hamsters and Apples

Apples for Rabbits, Hamsters, and Other Little Critters

Small, furry critters in the family are far more likely to be interested in an apple snack than cats. Here’s how apples could sneak into your small pet’s diet:

Can they have apples? Apples are great sweet treats for your little critters, as long as they only make up less than 10% of your pet’s total diet. These types of animals rarely have the opportunity to snack on tasty fruits in the wild, so they aren’t used to eating large quantities of them. Because of this, even the relatively small amount of sugar in an apple is enough to overwhelm them. Like the rest of your pets, little critters are sensitive to the toxins found in the core and should never be given anything with seeds, leaves, or stems still attached. A small treat is a great way to include these pets in the autumn harvest, though!

You and your human family don’t need to be the only ones making a dent on your delicious harvest. Depending on the dietary needs of your pet, chances are they’d be able to help you make a dent in the number of apples to enjoy this fall. Go on and give them a treat – we know they’ve earned it!

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