🍎 Apples, Apples, Apples 🍎 
Apple season will be finished soon so if you’re in need, stop in this week!  There are currently two varieties available.  Don’t forget to stock up your freezer with tasty apple treats too – apple pies and bread, Stovetop Filling to use during the next few months, apple sauce, and of course, some apple crisp!  If you’re looking for new apple recipes, visit our Recipe page on our website and scour the dozens of recipes available.

Tip of the Week!
This winter was a beast… between the unreal amount of snow, the wind, ice, and rain, we’re really glad it’s finally Spring!  If you used salt on your sidewalks and driveway or roof melt to get rid of those pesky ice damns, and you’re worried about the effect the salt will have on your perennials and shrubs, we’ve got an easy solution – make a note on your calendar to flush the plants and soil under the eaves and along sidewalks with clean hose water as soon as possible, once all the snow melts away.  Doing this a few times over a week to 10 days will get rid of a lot of the build up on the soil surface.

Bauer’s is Hiring for Spring!
Are you, or someone you know, looking for a job?  Bauer’s Market is currently looking for motivated, fun, responsible individuals to join our team! Positions available are either part-time or full-time. Hours will vary, including weekends. This is a fast paced environment that interacts primarily with customers. You must be a team player but also have motivation to handle and complete assigned tasks on your own. Being on-time with reliable transportation is a must.  To see additional info on specific job descriptions, please visit our
website. Complete an application and return via email or drop off in-store during current business hours.  
Did You Know…

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Want More?
Check out Bauer’s Blog on our website for a wealth of information to help you be successful!  No matter if it’s gardening, cooking, houseplants, and things in between, there’s great tips to be found.  We add a new blog a few times a month so be sure to visit the page often, or sign up to join our newsletter family so you don’t miss out.

🌱 Gardening Seeds 🌱
Now is the time to plan your 2019 garden, if you haven’t already!  Decide the space you’ll have and what you’ll start from seed versus what starter plants you’ll need to buy.  We have seeds galore – from veggies to annuals, organics too.  Visit soon for best selection.  Depending on what you’re planning, you may have to start your seeds indoor before planting outside, after our last frost date of course {that is typically the end of April but watch forecast reports}, whereas a direct sow is more appropriate for other seed varieties.  There is a ton of growing info on the back of each seed packet that will give you a good guide as to where and when to sow your seeds but you can find great information over on our blog too – we have a number of seed blogs available to read!  Along with seeds, Bauer’s has everything else for your seed starting needs – growing trays, peat pots, soils, moisture meters, the list goes on and on.  Should you have any questions, please ask us in-store, give us a call, or shoot an email our way and our staff will be happy to assist and answer your questions!

Spring Planning at Bauer’s Continues
Please send us an email and let us know what workshops you’d like to see and any seminar topics we should cover this spring.  You can email us here.  Visit our online calendar to see what we have scheduled so far.  We’ve been busy pricing all sorts of fun, new product for 2019 – setting up displays, and even attending extra buying shows to find additional new items for you to enjoy.  Spring will be here before you know it and we’ll be ready!  The first Bauer’s Busy Bees of the Spring Series is next weekend, April 6!

In the Blog This Week…
A new blog will be up last week!  Ever wonder what toxins we’re breathing in, even inside our own home?  Yep – they’re everywhere!  Read ‘Air-Cleaning Houseplants‘ and find out how to eliminate common household toxins.  Check out all the other Bauer’s blogs here.