Russian Sage is much loved for its stunning color and long bloom time in the summer garden.  Plants form a bushy upright clump of grayish leaves that are lacy and fragrant.  Spikes of rich violet-blue flowers appear in high summer, continuing into late fall.  An extremely versatile garden plant, Russian Sage loves hot, sunny sites and will fit right into the perennial border.  Also, good use among shrubs and even in large patio pots. They are very attractive to butterflies.

The biggest requirement for Russian Sage is pruning.  The flowers form on new wood—branches that grow during the current season.  Gardeners in all climates should prune Russian Sage plants back to about 6” in the early spring before the weather warms.  Prune just as the lower leaf buds are beginning to open, but before the new growth fully starts. It is recommended you divide plants every 4-6 years to rejuvenate them.