It’s the Height of Apple Season!
Varieties currently available are: Honeycrisp, Pazazz, Cameo, Honeygold, Cortland, Mc Intosh, Pixie Crunch, Golden Supreme, Gala, Empire, Fuji, Haralson, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, Jonastar, and Sonya. 
Please note: there will not be any Fireside apples this season.  Black Twig apples will be available but in limited quantities.  If you’re interested in getting Black Twig this season, we highly suggest you call and get on the list as orders will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

Availability of apple varieties can change often, especially at this time of year.  If you’re visiting from a distance or interested in a particular variety, feel free to call ahead to 507.895.4583 for an up-to-the-minute availability.  Open daily, year ’round with fresh, local apples through mid-March!

Read all about homegrown Minnesota apple varieties here.  

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Visit Bauer’s for a Taste of Fall…
This time of year it is always a nice time to throw something in the crockpot and come home to the savory smells of Fall.  From sweet potatoes to the multiple varieties of local squash, there are many tastes of fall here at Bauer’s. Choose baking potatoes for your mashed potatoes or use red boilers as smashed potatoes {yum!}; grab some red, white, or yellow sweet onions to go with any fall entrée and don’t forget to stock up on yellow sweet onions for the winter months too {we have 10#, 25#, and 50# bags of both onions and potatoes}.   Squash can be either a savory or sweet dish depending on how you prepare it.  Why not try something different with your squash this time?  Or instead of making squash as a side dish, make it the star of the show and serve it as an entrée… maybe even with some wild rice!

Easy Spring Color!
The easiest way to get that much-needed dose of early color is to plant bulbs now!  Bulbs can be planted as long as the ground is not frozen yet.  Choose from daffodils, crocus, and a variety of tulips.  Create mass plantings within your landscape for a eye-catching dramatic effect or sprinkle a few {a dozen or so} bulbs in various areas of your gardens for small pops of color.  Bulbs are now Buy 1 bag, Get 1 Free!

Oh My Gourd!
Grab some small gourds & mini pumpkins, pie pumpkins, and a jack o’ lantern or two and create a festive front porch or stoop.  You can even add in a few large squash to your arrangement to complete the look!  If you have space to fill, grab some of our corn shock bundles and a straw bale to round out the season’s décor…. these two items look great next to your mailbox too.

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New Apple Recipes Every Week!
Looking to try something new?  Bauer’s posts a new apple recipe every Wednesday!  Check out the latest recipe here and our glossary of recipes here.