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Mint is by far one of our favorite summer herbs to grow in the garden, but did you know it’s actually a perennial? That’s right, this fragrant and delicious plant is incredibly hardy and [...]

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The Importance of Refrigerating Your Apples

If you’ve recently made a trip to Bauer’s Market and happily brought home a bushel or more of apples, you probably found yourself wondering what you’re going to do with them all. While it may [...]

Boxelder Bugs

After a summer filled with buzzing flies and biting mosquitoes we always relish the cooler months of fall and winter when the bugs aren’t as active. However, when the mercury drops, one bug may end [...]

Houseplants for Kids

We like our houseplants for all our adult reasons: they’re a snippet of green in our busy lives, they look amazing and really spruce up a room, and they even help to keep our home [...]

Fall Lawn Care Tips

Lawn care does not stop when summer ends. To the contrary, when it comes to routine turf maintenance the late summer to early fall months are a critical time for cool season lawns. Cool season [...]

Homegrown Apples

“Surely the apple is the noblest of fruits.” - Henry David Thoreau Here in Minnesota, we are no strangers to the nobility of the apple that Thoreau wrote about many years ago. In fact, we [...]

First Kiss Apple

The University of Minnesota has done it yet again! The 27th variety released by the University of Minnesota’s fruit breeding program, ‘MN55’ (aka, ‘First Kiss’), will make its debut this fall.  The variety boasts a [...]


“There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” - George Bernard Shaw We were reminded by our parents to eat our vegetables and, in turn, we often find ourselves encouraging our own families [...]

Simple Tips to Prevent Window Strikes for our Feathered Friends

Cover Windows to Minimize Appearance When possible, use curtains, screens, awnings, or other types of window coverings to reduce the reflections in a window. This will be especially helpful during the late afternoon and evening [...]

Watering Tips

Watering Plants While Away A week's vacation at the beach might be a welcome break for you, but the absence of a doting gardener can wreak havoc on your indoor and outdoor plants. Here are [...]

Powdery Mildew

We try to pick and nurture plants to be comfortable in our area, but can never totally take into account what the weather has in store for us every summer. Many garden problems are [...]