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Mulching is one of those amazing gardening techniques that requires a little bit of effort at first, but ends up saving you a ton of time and energy down the road. If you’re unfamiliar [...]

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Repotting 101

Those of us with children are all too familiar with how fast they seem to grow. We’re also familiar with the constant struggle of supplying clothes that seem to fit one day, but are too [...]

Unique DIY Ways to Display Your Houseplants

Most houseplants will sit pretty all on their own. Place them in a stylish container, in the right kind of light, and they’ll grow to be a happy mainstay of your decor. Other houseplants, such [...]

Houseplants for Low Light Rooms

We hear regularly that people want to bring some life to their home or apartment, even their workspace, but they simply don’t have enough light. There are so many benefits to having fresh greens around [...]

Minnesota Grown’s December Feature

Bauer's has been featured as one of Minnesota Grown's December Pick of the Month!  Click the photo below to read some great holiday decorating ideas.     https://minnesotagrown.com/pick-of-the-month/6-on-trend-ideas-for-your-holiday-decorations/


As one of the most beloved holiday houseplants, poinsettias have long been a symbol of Christmas. The intense red hue of their bracts is cohesive with decorative schemes across the globe. Poinsettias are so popular, [...]

The Christmas Tree Essentials

Decorating the tree with the whole family is one of the most adored traditions of the holiday season. It just doesn’t feel like Christmas until the tree is up and its fragrance has infiltrated every [...]

Best Ways to Use Cooking Apples

Apples are not only delicious but also incredibly versatile. With so many ways to use them, taking full advantage of all your apple tree’s hard work is not only simple, but also incredibly tasty. Here [...]

Apples and Our Pets

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, does it also keep the vet away too? Here’s how our furry family members can help us to take advantage of the delicious harvest from our [...]

Kid-Friendly Pumpkin Carving

One of our favorite parts of holidays are the traditions. When spring rolls around, the kids all look forward to hunting for Easter Eggs, and when the days are at their coldest and snowiest, [...]

Tendering Plants Indoors

Most of us have a bit of a bittersweet relationship with winter - it’s hard to say no to a delicious gingerbread cookie or a hug-in-a-cup mug of hot apple cider. But, when we start [...]